How does wish earn money?

Cross-border e-commerce business model of Wish

Wish is a high-tech unicorn company established in 2011. 90% of its sellers are from China. It is also the largest mobile e-commerce platform in North America and Europe. It uses an optimization algorithm to obtain data at scale and quickly understand how to provide each customer with the most relevant products. So far, there are more than 500 million registered users, more than 90 million monthly active users, and more than 150,000 merchants have opened stores on Wish platform. In the future, Wish platform will have more user registration and sellers.

Next, we will analyze the business model of the platform from the four major aspects of product selection strategy, product service, profit model and Wish’s technical model, and correctly understand the operation mode of the platform, in order to go further and further in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

1. Product selection strategy:

It is the most important thing for merchants on the platform to have products with a stable supply. At the same time, the selection of products meets the characteristics of the platform’s consumer groups in order to provide consumers with suitable and stable high-quality products. About the method of product selection, Guantong Academy also specially shared it before, so I will not elaborate on them here. Interested friends can go to view.

Based on what I said earlier, why can others get 1,000 orders, and you still worry about 2 orders and 3 orders on weekdays? Here, the product selection methodology shared before is integrated into the following four points to help sellers quickly issue orders:

1. Combine the hot-selling data on the platform homepage

2. Targeted combination of hot-selling data website selection

3. Starting from the audience, discover the needs and selections

4. According to the platform rules, select products from overseas warehouse sources websites

With the development of cross-border industries, sourcing distribution platforms have also emerged on the market. Since there are so many sourcing websites on the market, why would you recommend Guantong? I believe that many friends who choose Guantong are attracted by the platform’s unique one-stop distribution service. This model is exactly what most sellers need today.

Guantong is a cross-border e-commerce distribution platform focusing on the two-way empowerment of suppliers and distributors. Through the integration of supply chain resources such as the Group’s Worldtech, Yuntu Logistics, Barn Overseas Warehouse, Cross-Ban Finance, etc., it helps factories and brand suppliers to expand overseas sales. At the same time, it is also used for platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart and Shopify. Domestic and foreign sellers provide one-off delivery service for overseas warehouses to solve a series of business problems encountered by sellers such as difficulty in product selection, limited funds, high thresholds for overseas warehouse services, and difficult after-sales services.

When it comes to product selection, sellers must choose products with a harsh eye, thinking about what the buyer wants, how the product is displayed, and whether there is an urge to make customers consume, so that it is easier to guide customers. single. At the same time, don’t forget the market development trend, and see which products are in strong demand at this stage. For example, under the epidemic, the most significant change in global consumer behavior is the explosive growth of online consumption. Categories such as medical and health products, home decoration, game toys, home fitness, etc. have become the most watched and fastest growing in the global anti-epidemic environment. Consumer category. This also provides strong support and confidence for Wish merchants to sell globally.